Chaos in the Conifers

Preparation is only productive with a finish line

The clouds may be clearing, but the lake is still low
The grass that has grown back could use a mow…

Blue skies are present as much as you can see a shooting star behind the trees

Round two: I spot a plane!
Actually, I see two…

Could the night progress?
Should it progress?
I’m as fragile as a sheet of paper,
Please don’t tear me

I know what’s best for me
but I always feel an urge to fight it,
There’s an opposing energy within
Perhaps someone already ripped the parchment
Doesn’t matter now,
she wasn’t meant to be fancy
Bargain brand college-ruled FTW!

Why be mad at her?
What were the faults?
Was is merely a reflection
of my own desperation?

Both of us have stopped weeping
Will this evening turn around?
The clouds are hinting at “yellow”…
But they can’t make a sound.

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