You have a special purpose

I am a communicator.

I am a messenger of information, spreading ideas like wildfire in the wooded desert.

It comes naturally, easily, and effortlessly.  I might say that is my niche … or possibly just something in life that I really love.  I enjoy the exchange of viewpoints like there’s no tomorrow and I have all the energy in the world to make that possible.

We are all special.  We each have something so beautifully unique about ourselves that it would be such a shame to not acknowledge it.  Think of it as a niche-pie if you will.

All of us working together could accomplish so much more if we work together following our passions for a common goal for the betterment of people and the planet.

Recognize the sacred connection you personally have with the natural world and keep that awareness with you everywhere you go.  Realize you are special, and that an exploration of the divine natural world around you is a reflection of the exploration of your higher self within.

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