Embracing Feminine Energy

“It may seem as if others can add to, or take from, what you have and who you are.
Yet at the end of every day, what you have and who you are is entirely a function of your thoughts, beliefs, and expectations.”

The Universe

The other morning I woke up to the quote above.  It reminded me of how much we waste subconsciously analyzing our self image, especially regarding what other people think.  What we assume about ourselves, in a huge way, is dependent upon others.

When we rid ourselves of these delusions, what are we left with?

The recognition of our true self and the stillness within us that is forever present when we acknowledge it.

This lays down the source for awakening to the radiance of feminine energy.

Terry Tempest Williams wonderfully explains the Feminine in her book, An Unspoken Hunger.  She says:

“I see the Feminine defined as a reconnection to the Self, a commitment to the wildness within—our instincts, our capacity to create and destroy; our hunger for connection as well as sovereignty, interdependence and independence, at once. We are taught not to trust our own experience…The Feminine teaches us experience is our way back home, the psychic bridge that spans rational and intuitive waters. To embrace the Feminine is to embrace paradox.  Paradox preserves mystery, and the mystery inspires belief.”

Williams points out the similarities between the natural world and our self.  Nature is mysterious and complete, as are we.  People are scared to explore deep within themselves, but doing so brings light to our entirety.  We begin to see through our layers of self, piled high from society’s misconstructions.


After reading the chapter called ‘Undressing the Bear’ in An Unspoken Hunger, I decided to try a miniature experiment the following day.  I would fully embody the Feminine as much as possible from the moment I arose in the morning, until the time I laid down in bed that night to float off into the dream world.

And wow, what a peaceful day it ended up being! More than I anticipated, anyway.  As your mind is steadily staying still, there is no room for others to intrude into your inner space. 

Also during this day, my Mycology class took a field trip to Humphrey’s Peak to go mushroom hunting.  Walking among the mixed conifer and aspen with this attitude couldn’t have matched up any more perfectly.  Through accepting the Feminine, I was completely open to living my experience in nature to the fullest.

Although it’s easy to assert how well we should care for the environment, implementing social change and addressing the problems at their root is another story (Corbett 2006).

Connecting with nature is something that is best done through direct experience.  Experiences can alter beliefs and beliefs can alter one’s attitude.  Through experiences with nature, our attitudes about the environment will change.  We will start to be more aware of our surroundings and place in the world.  “Ecocentric ideologies recognize humans as an interdependent part of a larger biotic community and with a desire to behave more humbly toward the life systems that sustain them (Corbett 2006).”












“The dominant Western world-view values reason (masculine-associated) over emotion (feminine-associated), rationality over intuition, civilized over primitive, knowing over feeling, mind over body, and culture over nature (Corbett 2006).”

Embracing the Feminine literally endows with us a new perspective of the world.  Feminine energy is sometimes personified as Mother Earth, Mother Nature, or Gaia.

Exploring, trusting and accepting our feminine side is a trust in the natural world itself.  We are nature.  While embracing our self, feminine side included, we embrace nature as a whole and acknowledge our place within it.


Communicating Nature by Julia B. Corbett

An Unspoken Hunger by Terry Tempest Williams

Mushroom Photos:  Jordan Pletzer

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