The “Sound”

The wind is my baseline.
Every sound appears from the gentle carol of the breeze. Coming from a perspective where silence is literally impossible, the sound of the wind around me responses to all pleas for mental stillness and peace. It isn’t necessarily a language to learn, but one to listen to. What is accomplished with receptivity? This same opportunity lacks with artifacts and things and stuff. Sitting with nature is simple. My senses are given space to interpret smoothly and calmly, naturally.


The sound of a building, a room, a wall
screams an eerie silence.
Still and not still,
confused in existence.

The sound of the breeze, a bird, the trees
creates symphonies from peace.
A natural flow takes over
pushing things back into place when with nature

Simplicity is acknowledged firsthand
when it is seen with a simple mindset.

Nature doesn’t speak English,
But English is definitely not the only language to communicate in.

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