Lazy days

lazy day laying in bed

Phone off, forgotten somewhere.
Loose, flowing, brushed hair.
Zero fucks given & I don’t care.
Off to the inner world I dare.

No meeting, no projects,
only reading for fun.
Clean here, clean there,
hair now goes up in a high bun.

No obligations, no people,
I’m left with myself.
Usually, this is a blast,
but sometimes I wonder about killing oneself.

I’d rather use my off days for this:
processing emotional, confusing bullshit,
then waste what little reserves I have,
and let my “social life” take a hit.

Lazy days are the best days of all;
I get to watch aspects of me crumble and fall.
This may seem depressing and small,
but out come little gems, like this here scrawl.

2 thoughts on “Lazy days

  1. On my lazy days I usually have to drink or get stoned to make the anxious internal adult voice go away. It’s constantly telling me I have something better to do. I’m already looking forward to time when I’m not working but so much of it is just recovering from work. Someone’s when I have idle time I don’t know what to do with myself.


    1. “Many people dream of an eternal life but don’t know what to do with themselves on a Sunday afternoon” -idk

      I have a voice that tells me I don’t deserve time off, even when I know it’s rejuvenating…so I spend time off fighting away that stupid belief, without the rejuvenating benefits haha


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