I’m always shocked when…

…I see one of my friends light up a cigarette.

Especially when I experience them as strong, health-conscious women.

Maybe they reserve the cancer sticks (gag, too cheesey?) for alcohol-infused social gatherings…or maybe not.


Why do you smoke cigarettes?

Why do you ingest those levels of nasty ass chemicals when you also understand the traumas that Mother Earth goes through and connect that to the female body? Is this a gnarly blind spot for your very own ecofeminist outlook?

Do you realize that you are choosing the unfortunate fate for your very own fleshy space-traveling vehicle?


5 thoughts on “I’m always shocked when…”

    1. Yeah! My mom was always the wild one who who gag in front of smokers and call them out and been intentionally rude. I don’t do that to any friends. I just walk a few steps away if the smoke gets on me…sometimes I want to take it out of their hands and scream. But I just stay silent -_-


      1. My mother died of COPD, and acute Asthma, she was 50. My dad died of a stroke directly related to his life time of smoking. I saw them as a perfect example of what not to do. Yet, my sister has smoked most of her life on and off. I get angry about it but I realized it is her choice. I will be sad if her health deteriorates because of it but she has to live with the consequences.


        1. I’m sorry :/ my dads parents died pretty young too and they both smoked. AND my brother has even partaken in recreational smoking *facepalm*


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