Lights, Camera, *Smacks Him*

Impressing others seems to be more important than impressing ourselves these days
Everything we do has someone else’s interests in mind
Let’s go back to the good times when we were true to ourselves.
Guilty, says I.


I know I’m not that only individual here that knows they are a culprit for this mess.
At least I know I have a problem
I’m not like everyone else out there.

Keeping certain things to yourself can be the best solution because all things can be turned around at you.
Lusting will only get you so satisfied and eventually you’ll just bring yourself down.

Sepia Shades

For which we’ve said enough of this occurrence.
To allow such nonsense to happen and stand back is to see a crime and stay silent.
A dimensional frame may change your perspective but it’s all the same when eyes are hidden at night.
Trees strive to reach it to the top but their leaves fall back to the ground and sway helplessly.
A perpendicular view on the world provides a new scene to look at human behavior and obedience.
A flower puts all its worth for life to see but its roots still hide in the damp dirt.

How are humans related? By theory.
More cars. More following.
More trees. More sorrow.
More bushes. More double lives.
Rest up for the turn of the planet, for I will be waiting here when you take off your glasses and see the real world.

Chaos in the Conifers

Preparation is only productive with a finish line

The clouds may be clearing, but the lake is still low
The grass that has grown back could use a mow…

Blue skies are present as much as you can see a shooting star behind the trees

Round two: I spot a plane!
Actually, I see two…

Could the night progress?
Should it progress?
I’m as fragile as a sheet of paper,
Please don’t tear me

I know what’s best for me
but I always feel an urge to fight it,
There’s an opposing energy within
Perhaps someone already ripped the parchment
Doesn’t matter now,
she wasn’t meant to be fancy
Bargain brand college-ruled FTW!

Why be mad at her?
What were the faults?
Was is merely a reflection
of my own desperation?

Both of us have stopped weeping
Will this evening turn around?
The clouds are hinting at “yellow”…
But they can’t make a sound.

The Universe Creates Through Me (And You)

What if…

None of my ideas are actually mine?

What if we all are able to receive the same ideas and some just hear it first? Or hear it more clearly?

Then, what if I choose not to act upon the idea? Poor idea! It just wants to be created somehow. If not me, then someone else will…

But I think that some people are better are creating certain ideas. The idea came to a person first, one who had the best chance of manifesting it. If that person ignores it, then the idea loses a little bit of its clarity and charm.

So if I hear an idea first and think “Wow! How amazing!” but then just sit on it… Well, the idea has to be created somehow. It goes to the next possible creator. That person may not be the best medium to bring the idea into the world.

How do I  know when an idea is worth it?

It makes me excited. Ambitious. My heart starts to flutter and expand.


The size an idea shouldn’t really matter…because what if the idea is just testing you out?

“Hmmm..what do you think about this, lil’ human?” wonders the idea, while waiting for a response of curiosity and receptivity before giving you more.

Listen to your ideas.

Act on them. If it’s stirring something up, create. 

What are we connecting to?

Where do we put our focus,
our energy,
our attention?

Habits structure reality, But…
habits can evolve.

Grab phone

Grab phone

Fill the walls
Fill the shelves
Fill the floors
With stuff, stuff, stuff
You’re not a collector,
You are a hoarder

What are we with our possessions?
What are we with emptiness around us?

*Microsecond pause in between tasks…*
Where are you?

Where are you?

Where are you…

…with loneliness
…with silence
…with free time
…with boredom

Where do your unconscious patterns lead you?

to items?
to people?
to substances?

Fill the Mind
Flood the Mind

with thoughts,
…just to not be alone with yourself

The “Sound”

The wind is my baseline.
Every sound appears from the gentle carol of the breeze. Coming from a perspective where silence is literally impossible, the sound of the wind around me responses to all pleas for mental stillness and peace. It isn’t necessarily a language to learn, but one to listen to. What is accomplished with receptivity? This same opportunity lacks with artifacts and things and stuff. Sitting with nature is simple. My senses are given space to interpret smoothly and calmly, naturally.


The sound of a building, a room, a wall
screams an eerie silence.
Still and not still,
confused in existence.

The sound of the breeze, a bird, the trees
creates symphonies from peace.
A natural flow takes over
pushing things back into place when with nature

Simplicity is acknowledged firsthand
when it is seen with a simple mindset.

Nature doesn’t speak English,
But English is definitely not the only language to communicate in.

Insights about life and all the layers within