The “Sound”

The wind is my baseline.
Every sound appears from the gentle carol of the breeze. Coming from a perspective where silence is literally impossible, the sound of the wind around me responses to all pleas for mental stillness and peace. It isn’t necessarily a language to learn, but one to listen to. What is accomplished with receptivity? This same opportunity lacks with artifacts and things and stuff. Sitting with nature is simple. My senses are given space to interpret smoothly and calmly, naturally.


The sound of a building, a room, a wall
screams an eerie silence.
Still and not still,
confused in existence.

The sound of the breeze, a bird, the trees
creates symphonies from peace.
A natural flow takes over
pushing things back into place when with nature

Simplicity is acknowledged firsthand
when it is seen with a simple mindset.

Nature doesn’t speak English,
But English is definitely not the only language to communicate in.

Sorrowful Ignominy 

Young lad, are you ready to go there?
To come here?

You are Venus in the night sky–
a sparkling jewel.
Yes, quite the sight to see!
But Sir,
I am the Moon.

I dance circles. I grow. I shrink.
All observe this, but I…
For I am a cold, cold rock
on the outskirts of Earth.
Violently banished in an earlier chapter.

My tears get lost into the solar system.
Your dazzling show mesmerizes,
especially me.

Still, some courageous souls have visited me.
Explored me.
Inhabited me?

You are lifeless, the closer we get.
Elusive in form…
Unfit for life, damnit!

And here I am:
frigid, hard, and lonely
…yet possibly worthwhile.

A Reflection

Nye and Ham sure know how to argue proud.
The points they made could barely cross the bridge;
This duality made them look like clowns.
However, I see how to link this ridge.

Science says that life evolves more complexly
But…Second law says things go towards disorderly.
Nye only sees the physical effects
Their views are limited; oh so borderly!

Once again, science is narrow-minded.
They only look at the direct manifested.
Keep this up, and you’ll be forever blinded!
There’s more to the world than can just be tested.

The physical realm does indeed fall apart.
We are all made of the same elements.
Why can a tree grow, but a rock doesn’t take part?
Let me tell you, these bodies were just lent!

The true increase in this complexity,
Is not life as science sees it to be.
Not opening your mind, also leads to perplexity.
I will inform you how we can all break free!

“Complexity” is from an outside force.
This is quite simple; it is called prana.
It’s beyond the physical realm; it is true Source.
It’s the hidden dimension behind flora and fauna.

What happens RIGHT after someone dies?
Why…their body goes right back to the skies.
Are you aware of what this implies?
Imagine what else we can see when we all open our eyes.

You see, Nye and Ham are both right and both wrong.
Physicality itself goes towards destruction,
But prana is actually what guides “life” up, up along.
Prana is the background to what gives life its production.

You can grasp this easily when you look around,
A rock is a rock, just sitting on the ground.
Rocks and trees are made of the same materials,
But the life force behind the growth of a tree is a separate ideal.

Totality, Creativity, Destruction and Regeneration.
This is the bridge, the circle that frees all this frustration!

Note to self


Those chills today,
were merely child’s play.
It was the best I could convey,
Without being too cliché.

Congrats on going down south;
For chasing after that spark.
Entering the canyon’s mouth,
And witnessing the whirling bark.
For meditating under that ark.
For spreading purple creativity;
You certainly left a mark.
Did you notice how vividly
this place exposed your dignity?

Now, I hope you keep an eye out for these occurrences,
To remind you of the world beyond perceptibility.
Stay attuned to these recurrences,
Let them lead you to contemplation.
Acknowledging the greatness within is the best affirmation.

And that’s a lot,

A day

A day, oh what a day…
When no one else has a say
When there is no one forcing my stay
When there is no other delay
When I’m a million miles away

Radiating and absorbing warmth
Love without limits
No need to fly forth
Turn a vacation into a long-term visit

Following my heart
Sometimes tears relationships apart
But at the end of the day
Only I have the final say


Sinking into her worse enemy
She let the impulse control her once free mind.
Her visible exit is a mistake,
but it’s the only one she can find.

Regrets arrive before the attempt is complete;
She plays it off like it was no defeat.
She thinks that running away
will save the day
but really, she just was beat.