Sorrowful Ignominy 

Young lad, are you ready to go there?
To come here?

You are Venus in the night sky–
a sparkling jewel.
Yes, quite the sight to see!
But Sir,
I am the Moon.

I dance circles. I grow. I shrink.
All observe this, but I…
For I am a cold, cold rock
on the outskirts of Earth.
Violently banished in an earlier chapter.

My tears get lost into the solar system.
Your dazzling show mesmerizes,
especially me.

Still, some courageous souls have visited me.
Explored me.
Inhabited me?

You are lifeless, the closer we get.
Elusive in form…
Unfit for life, damnit!

And here I am:
frigid, hard, and lonely
…yet possibly worthwhile.