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Breaking the rules you create for yourself

I have certain “rules” for myself that I like to follow for self-improvement. Even just the word “rule” is making me cringe…and for some reason, right now I am sick of following them.

  1. When I wake up in the morning, no phone or computer until I brush my teeth, drink some water, get dressed, and meditate.
  2. Before I go to sleep, no phone or computer screens for as long as possible before bedtime so my melatonin production isn’t skewed.
  3. Drink several cups of water before eating breakfast to get the digestion working and my body hydrated before I stuff it with food.
  4. No junk foods that I have learned make MY body feel like crap.
  5. No sleeping in until 10:30am regularly
  6. No staying up past midnight repeatedly.
  7. etc.

I kinda just want to be a rebel right now, against myself…I’m sick of messing up and feeling bad. I know certain habits in my life make me feel better, but for now I’m just going to experiment with being “bad.”

On the topic, here is one of my fav hardstyle songs about bad habits 😉 If you are into hardstyle (or not) check out this little documentary I made or hour-long mix I’ve put together.


What are your bad habits?



Sepia Shades

For which we’ve said enough of this occurrence.
To allow such nonsense to happen and stand back is to see a crime and stay silent.
A dimensional frame may change your perspective but it’s all the same when eyes are hidden at night.
Trees strive to reach it to the top but their leaves fall back to the ground and sway helplessly.
A perpendicular view on the world provides a new scene to look at human behavior and obedience.
A flower puts all its worth for life to see but its roots still hide in the damp dirt.

How are humans related? By theory.
More cars. More following.
More trees. More sorrow.
More bushes. More double lives.
Rest up for the turn of the planet, for I will be waiting here when you take off your glasses and see the real world.